Note: A lot of the articles on this page are from the CrossFit Journal.  The articles from the Journal that we provide here are freely available to download.  The CrossFit Journal is possibly the best literature written on fitness in the last few decades, and there are a ton more articles if you sign up.  And don’t even think about using cost as an excuse…the Journal is a whopping TWENTY FIVE BUCKS A YEAR.  That’s two less dinners out per year.  Sign up for it already.

Read about CrossFit’s definition of fitness, the problems with the perception of the endurance athlete being fit, and how best to achieve CrossFit’s fitness here:

CrossFit Journal Article: What Is Fitness?

What should you be eating?  Nutrition is as important a factor as training in optimizing your performance, and a more important – perhaps the most important – factor in preventing disease.  This article has enough references to keep you reading for the next fifteen years.

CrossFit Journal Article: Avoiding Metabolic Derangement

Virtuosity is defined in gymnastics as “performing the common uncommonly well.”  In CrossFit, we apply this to our practice of fundamental movements.  This article explains why the fundamentals are so important.

Alright, so you’ve read “Avoiding Metabolic Derangement.”  You have a good understanding of what foods to avoid, what foods to consume, and why to do those things.  What’s the next step?  The Zone Diet, of course.  This article from the CrossFit Journal will help you get started!

CrossFit Journal Article: Zone Meal Plans

CrossFit Journal Article: Virtuosity

Henry Rollins “Iron” is an article well circulated throughout the serious weightlifting communities.  It’s a great read that will give you some serious perspective on what hard training can do for you, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

“Iron” by Henry Rollins


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