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Getting started with Crossfit Monterey is easy!  We hold FREE CrossFit classes for the community every Saturday at 10am.  This is a great opportunity to come meet the coaches, and see

what a typical class at the gym is like.  If you would prefer a more private introductory session give us a call and we can set up an appointment based around your schedule!

And if you have questions, just call 831-920-3522 or click on the link for ‘more information’ to the left.

What’s next?

On-Ramp Program

The On-Ramp Program is designed to bring the new members up to speed with the movements we regularly use and introduce you to the intensity levels of our workouts.  Each session is highly coached and every athlete receives individual attention while going through our classes.  

The on-ramp program runs 3 days a week for 4 weeks.  We have 4 different group times to choose from that run at various times.  You can find the upcoming scheduled on-ramp groups on the left hand side of the page.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 6:00AM

Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 4:30PM

Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 5:30PM

Tuesday/Thursday at 6:30PM and Saturday at 8:30AM


7 responses to “Get Started

  • Colin

    Hey Jacob, this is phills little bro Colin!! My mom and I are going to get started on the private lessons. My mom will contact you ASAP.
    – Thank You,Colin Butler

  • Matthew Russell

    I recently started doing Crossfit I just moved to Monterey Friday for DLI I’m trying to get into it I have been doing it off and on for about 4 months I started with some buddies at Fort Huachuca.

  • Aaron

    I’m about to move their with the military. I was wondering what your prices are for monthly membership.


  • Sherri AnnFazzio

    I will be attending NPS in June and would like to join your Crossfit Unlimited program. Is there a separate fee for the gym membership and the training?

    • crossfitmonterey

      Thanks for checking us out. There is a required training course that is a prerequisite for training at the gym.

  • Josh Landry

    Hey guys guess who’s coming back to Monterey for a month this weekend…See you on monday.
    -Josh Landry

  • Andrew Hayden

    I’m really interested in coming back to crossfit i did it in down in sc for a couple months how much is a monthly membership

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