Contact & Location

Phone: 831-920-3522



220 Dela Vina Ave.
Monterey, CA

16 responses to “Contact & Location

  • Mike

    Hi, Moving into the area from VaBch and GSSCrossfit, what are your XF rates and do you have any info on your womans functional fitness class?

  • Kevin "Bones" Kinnear

    I’m visiting from Boulder (CrossFit Roots) on May 28 – 30. Just wanted to see what your drop in policy is (reservations? cost?) I see the free Sat. 10 am class, but what about regular scheduled WODs? Thanks,

  • Tim Wall

    Hey, my name is Tim Wall and my brother and I are doing a California road trip. We are staying close to your gym and interested in doing a workout. Do you allow walk-ins and do you charge a fee for a visit? Thank you.
    Tim Wall

  • Will

    What’s up CrossFit Monterrey! I will be in your neck of the woods on my honeymoon Aug. 1 and wanted to come WOD with you guys. I own an affiliate gym down in Ft. Lauderdale, FL called CrossFit Militia. Was wondering what the fee would be for me and my wife to come to your place for that week. Also, let me know your T-shirt size and I’ll bring out one of our shirts for you. Thanks!
    -Will Vogt

  • joyce lee

    My husband and I are doing a road trip to the Crossfit Games. We are interested in doing a WOD. Do you allow walk-ins? What is the fee? Thank you.

  • Debra Blackburn

    Mariah, Need WOD for Mon. & Wed. next week due to being on vacation. Will see you next Friday @ 9:45. Debra

  • Denise

    Hi – I’ve been doing crossfit for 2 years and will be in monterey on Saturday (august 6) and looking for a local crossfit gym to get my WOD it. Do I just drop in for the 9AM class?


    • crossfitmonterey

      Yeah Denise feel free to come on in, we’ll be doing Record Board Saturday, so we’ll max out one lift and do one benchmark WOD from our record board. Our drop-in fee is $15. Give us a call or email if you have any questions. 831-920-3522/

  • Denise

    Excellent! I’m recovering from injury (plantar fasciitis) but can do most WOD’s with subsitution. I just can’t run or do DU’s.

  • Lauren

    Hey crossfit monterey! I’ll be in your neck of the woods 7-9 Sept and would love to work out with you guys for those days. Is it cool to just drop in and pay the fee? What’s the difference between crossfit 1 and 2? Thanks!

  • sherylgica

    Hey Guys,
    I’m trying to reserve my spot for Mandy’s Tuesday 5pm class & Thursday 5:30 pm class, but don’t see the option just yet. Can you guys pencil me in 🙂

  • Ryan Charles

    Sheryl, the class time should be available. Make sure you are clicking on the link for the schedule. You should be taken to a schedule/sign-in page ran by mindbody. You’ll need to create a quick account to be able to reserve classes online.

  • Andy

    Hello! I will shortly be attending language school at the Defense language institute in monterey, and was wondering if you have any other students who attend your crossfit classes?

  • Colin Overett

    I workout at CrossFit Purgatory in Tucson, AZ. I will be in Carmel for about a week or so and would like to come workout at your gym. What are the rates for drop-ins? And what is the schedule of the classes?

    Thank you very much for your time.

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